A man jailed for over two years for his part of in the theft of metal from electricity distribution companies and the rail network has now been hit with a £92,000 bill for his crimes.

Jonathan France, 48, ran a scrapyard in Wakefield and on 21 December 2020 he was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court to two and a half years for handling stolen metal and false accounting.

And on Thursday 4 February at Leeds Crown Court it was determined that he had benefitted from £98,000 from his criminal activity.

It was established that France only had £6,000 worth of available assets to confiscate, leaving a balance of £92,000.

But the Yorkshire & Humber Regional Economic Crime Unit established he had a pension which if confiscated now would yield very little benefit but if left to mature would cover the remaining debt.

The Judge ordered the pension company to allow the pension to mature and then be confiscated upon maturity.

Ramona Senior, Head of Yorkshire & Humber Economic Crime Unit, said:

“By taking this step the courts have recognised that receiving stolen cabling is not a victimless crime, as anyone who has ever suffered a delayed rail journey or domestic power cut would agree. This order will ensure that every penny will be paid back, even if it means waiting six years as in this case. This case demonstrates the power of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and should act as a deterrent to those who commit crime for their own or others personal gain.”