UK Protected Persons Service

The Yorkshire and Humber Regional Protected Persons Unit (RPPU) works independently of the investigative branches of the four regional Forces and concentrates solely on keeping people safe.

The unit forms part of the UK Protected Persons Service (UKPPS).


Our Work:

Yorkshire and Humber RPPU provides specialist protection and care for individuals who are considered by law enforcement agencies to be at serious risk of harm. The unit protects people affected by a wide range of crimes including serious and organised crime and honour based violence.

It operates discreetly and only with the full co-operation of those for whom it has responsibility. Victims and witnesses supported by the unit are able to give evidence and help to bring offenders to justice in the knowledge that they are fully protected from people who would seek to cause them harm.

The Unit is supported by the Central Bureau, which is the national headquarters of the UKPPS, situated within the National Crime Agency, providing strategic and practical assistance and coordination to officers supporting protected persons.